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Diabetes mellitus and associated health effects remain a major concern in the Richmond community. With the increased health risks and the impact the disease has at both the personal and economic level, diabetes mellitus requires a solution based intervention. The multifactorial complexity of diabetes requires an integrated approach in solving the rising cases of the disease in Richmond community (Polit & Beck, 2009). Weight gain has been the major causative factor leading to diabetes mellitus in Richmond California. The healthy objective for this paper regards the target population of adults aged 20 years and above with increment in prevention behaviors being the major concern. Increased rates of obesity within the community contributes to the corresponding increase in diabetes mellitus. With other socio-economic factors being on the blame list for obesity, diabetes mellitus disproportionately affects the people living in the low income bracket (Polit & Beck, 2009). Advanced Practice Nurses have extrapolated their professional roles to deal with decision making and recommending the solution based interventions for various conditions affecting the community.

It is under this realization that a solution based intervention is needed for the reducing the increased prevalence in diabetes mellitus. Weight management plan will form the main intervention aimed at reducing the increasing incidences of diabetes mellitus in Richmond community. The target population for this intervention is adults aged 20 years that are already diabetic and pre-diabetic. There exists an intricate relationship between obesity and diabetes mellitus. Furthermore, obesity has been a major concern in Richmond community with the worrying being an increase in diabetes mellitus (Polit & Beck, 2009). Young people outside the bracket of this age group experience the danger of diabetes mellitus since they are obese too. In encouraging the weight management plan, there will an intention of making the target sample participate in community based programs that will encourage weight loss. Highlighted examples of these programs include encouraging outdoor activities using the recreation resources, forming occasional programs such as ‘Run For Health’ and walking or cycling to reach the proximity areas (Waine, 2009). Spreading the information on the need of weight management through various adopted approaches as aforementioned will help in the sensitizing people on the need of self-management approaches. In the self-management approach, a sample size of a 100 people who are living with diabetes and those who are pre-diabetic will be taught on the various concepts regarding physical exercise and healthy choice of diet as explained in

The main focus on this sample is after realization of health benefits out of the intervention strategies, these people will act as the ambassadors of change in their own niche. The outcome of interest from the intervention plan seeks at reducing the prevalence of obesity in and associated increased incidences of diabetes mellitus in the target population (Summerfield, 2012). Furthermore, the intervention strategy targets at achieving a conscious community on the basis of healthy choice of diet for controlling sugar levels for diabetic and reducing the progression of the risk for the pre-diabetic individuals. Through the community based programs encouraging the increased levels of physical activity, the intervention will help in boosting the overall health of the community (Vora & Buse, 2012).

The outcome of the interest will be measured at different levels, that is, at a personal level and community level. Various parameters will be used at a personal level entailing biological and physical changes. For persons who are diabetic, close monitoring of their sugar levels will be investigated with changes in their BMI conducted. The physical changes will entail changes in weight for the obese people who are already pre-diabetic (Summerfield, 2012). At the community level, the outcome will be measured on the perception to the proposed changes. Embracing change forms the most difficult function in the daily lives of human beings. Proposed changes aimed at improving the lives of the community will be measured on the level of success depending on the outcomes of sensitizations (Vagnini & Chilnick, 2009).

Data collection to show the effectiveness of the outcome will entail occasional interview, issuing of the questionnaire, reporting and observation. Both reporting and observation will find use in the 100 sample size with participants having both diabetes and those that are pre-diabetic. In reporting, these individuals will be examined for the changes in their BMI, body weight, the blood glucose level and their overall health awareness (Summerfield, 2012). Questionnaires and interviews will be administered at the community level for their views on the adoption of the intervention-based programs (Vagnini & Chilnick, 2009). People will be asked on whether these interventions resonate with the goal towards healthy people.

The data analysis employed in this case will be multivariate analysis. The statistical approach will include all the methods which help in investigating and coming up with relevant data (Hair, 2010). Exploratory data analysis finds application in this aspect since it entails the formulation of the hypotheses that contribute to data collection and other experiments (Hair, 2010). The assumption in this case is that weight management strategies will help in reducing diabetes mellitus within Richmond Community. The hypotheses that define the cause of the observed phenomena have the direct link towards increase prevalence towards diabetes mellitus. Basing on the assumption or hypotheses statistical inference is feasible with data mining explaining the success rate of adopted interventions (Hair, 2010).


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